Welcome ot our little boutique hotel at Käringön!

We think Käringön is a paradise, a hidden gem that you must visit. When you come to our little island we also think you should stay with us at Lotshotellet!

Lotshotellet means "The Pilot Hotel" and we have chosen this name as there has been a pilot station on the island for more than 250 years helping ships with navigation in the waters around the island. 

All our rooms have a seaview and their own fully tiled bathroom with floor-heating. A fantastic breakfast buffet, bed-linen, towels and internet are always included in the price. We collaborate with Shyness Interior when it comes to our interior design.

Come to us and enjoy the island with its magnificent nature, the salty winds and the crystal clear water. Come during spring, come during summer or come during fall (during the winter months we live in the Alps).

Treat yourself with a romantic getaway, a family gathering, a conference, a wedding, an adventure...


Milla & Klas Wimmerstedt

Lotshotellet (in the middle) in May
Lotshotellet (in the middle) in May
Milla & Klas outside the hotel
Milla & Klas outside the hotel

Skeppersholme 118
474 74 Käringön
Phone: 0304 560 90
Mobile: 0723 290 800
Mail: stay@lotshotellet.se

Travel by car or bus to Tuvesvik where you hop on the ferry. Here are some instructions for parking, tickets etc.

You see the hotel from the jetty across the harbour.

You can also get a private boat transfer with our own boat!

Sunset on the island in November
Sunset on the island in November
View from room "Elin" in April
View from room "Elin" in April

Live from Käringön (updated every minute)

The harbour seen from south - Lotshotellet just outside the picture (right side)

Guest marina seen from west - Lotshotellet to the right in the picture